Top 10 – Dresses to dazzle in

October 20, 2009 by Maria Kaski · 2 Comments 

rachaelWith the party season almost upon us, this is no time to blend into the background. We have picked the 10 most gorgeous party dresses for you to dazzle in this festive season. Maria Kaski writes.

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A big smile for eco beauty offers

October 19, 2009 by Jen Marsden · Leave a Comment 

Top beauty offersWe’re directing a very wide grin towards which has launched some unmissable money-saving special offers on natural beauty products and added a selection of great Christmas gifts to its already large range. Mandy Barder highlights the top offers at this week. 

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Catwalk Review – Conscious Designers Collective

October 17, 2009 by Maria Kaski · Leave a Comment 

CDCA host of ethical designers from the Conscious Designers Collective (CDC) showcased their SS10 collections at the Candid Arts Centre, London, on 16th October. Maria Kaski writes.

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Be a Chocolate Beauty

October 17, 2009 by Jen Marsden · Leave a Comment 

akamuti-shower gel300x300With Chocolate Week in full force you are probably bombarded with images of luscious desserts and massive chocolate bars in prominent display everywhere. Chocolate indulgence doesn’t necessarily mean eating chocolate – what if you could have all the health and beauty benefits of cocoa but none of the calories? Eleni Sardi writes.
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EXCLUSIVE Estethica fashion shoot

October 16, 2009 by Maria Kaski · Leave a Comment 

estethica3London Fashion Week’s Estethica proved edgier than ever with monochrome tones and bodycon styles dominating the stands. Rough Diamond, our exclusive Estethica photoshoot, shows how you’ll be wearing the best of these SS10 dynamic looks. Styling: Nikki Seymour / Photography: Tom Hartford.

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Tried & Tested – Organic & Fairtrade Chocolates

October 16, 2009 by Maria Kaski · Leave a Comment 

askinosieWith Chocolate Week 2009 in full swing, we undertook the selfless task of tasting the best organic chocolates. Maria Kaski and her tasting team sample ethical chocolate delights.

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CRED launches the Sophie Harley collection

October 15, 2009 by Maria Kaski · Leave a Comment 

CRED launches the Sophie Harley collection ‘Kolibri’
Today sees the launch of CRED’s new jeweller collection, designed by Sophie Harley, acclaimed James Bond jeweller and celebrity favourite with clients including Kate Beckinsale, Jerry Hall and Joss Stone. Eleni Sardi writes.
Inspired by her recent trip to Africa and drawing inspiration from the colours, textures and forms found in the African savannah, Sophie has created a gorgeously opulent 15-piece collection using ethically sourced precious stones set in fair trade 18ct yellow gold.
This sumptuous collection of rings, pendants and earrings are full of exquisite tiny humming bird details, leaves, seeds and vines in hammered, textured gold. The gold is sourced by CRED’s partner Oro Verde which is the world’s premier supplier of ethically sourced precious metals from the Chocó region of South America and the precious stones – vibrant fire opals, rubies, deep purple amethyst and teal blue sapphires – are all sourced from artisanal miners in Tanzania, Malawi and Mexico. Prices range from £2.500.
Sophie Harley has managed to build an extraordinary private following of celebrities and exclusive clients with her beautifully eclectic jewellery range ever since she graduated from the Royal College of Art. Her creations grabbed the attention of James Bond producers who asked her to design a necklace and two sets of earrings for Eva Green in Casino Royale. Her Love Knot necklace was featured again in Quantum of Solace becoming an instant hit with the fans.
This is Sophie’s first collaboration with the fair trade jeweller CRED. CRED strongly believes that it is culturally unacceptable to buy a piece of jewellery that is not certified as socially and environmentally responsible and has managed to provide beautiful jewellery collections made with ethical integrity.
This luxurious collection will be available to order exclusively from CRED in November.

CREDToday sees the launch of CRED’s new jeweller collection, designed by Sophie Harley, acclaimed James Bond jeweller and celebrity favourite with clients including Kate Beckinsale, Jerry Hall and Joss Stone. Eleni Sardi writes.

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Top 10 – Ethical websites

October 15, 2009 by Maria Kaski · 1 Comment 

Wardrobe refashion
The website: Wardrobe re-fashion was created by Australian blogger, Nikki Shell, to encourage people to rediscover their clothes and share DIY and remade tips. Everyone can pledge not to buy any new garment for a length of time of their choice and to share their DIY odyssey on the communal blog. .
How to get involved: The next round starts in early November. You can already sign up. You’ll get an email when the challenge begins.
We like: The community feel of the website, the variety of tips, from creating baby leggings from a scarf to updating flip flops.
Make Do & Mend
The website: A very militant website, Make Do & Mend, funded by MA Ethical Fashion Graduate and former contributor Nathalie Gottschalk, contains both explanations on the environmental and economical risks of fashion over consumption and tips on how to circumvent it.
We like: The DIY suppliers listing. The possibility for all readers to leave tips.
The website: Created by Futerra, a communication agency specialised in sustainable marketing, the site’s main aim is to explain the concept of swishing, “To rustle clothes from friends”.
The buzz: Swishing has recently become quite a fashion phenomena. Hailed by Jess Cartner-Morley in Marie Claire as “the future of fashion”, swishing parties have taken place all over the country, from the Victoria & Albert Museum to a very popular BBC show.
We like: The list of swishing events; the advice on how to organise your own party.
The website: An ideal mix of green clothing brand, be they trendy or classical, mainstream or emerging.
We like: The possibility to search by type of clothes, from organic cotton to vegan shoes and accessories. The variety of brands and the price range, from about £36 to £668 for dresses for instance. The trends section which shows you how to bring catwalk style to your closet.
Regularly check… The “news” section.  In addition to regular updates about the newest creations by eco labels, it includes the latest offers and discounts on Fashion-Conscience.
The website: Formerly known as Adili, Ascension stores ethical fashion, beauty and home brands: everything you need to lead a greener life. The selection on offer is both chic and impressive, emphasised by the site’s sleek design. A green Net-A-Porter!
We like: The ethical living guide and its tips.
The Plus: During the Royal Mail strikes, Ascension uses couriers for deliveries.
The buzz: Instyle and The Times are fans.
Heidi & Seek
The website: Created by an Australian designer “passionate about sustainable living and buying ethically”, Heidi & Seek mixes personal style pictures with green life posts and updates about the author’s fashion business. Light and easy to read, it’s a good addition to any green RSS feed.
We also like: The tips on non-fashion topics, such as how to source organic coffee.
Covert Candy
The website: In black and teal and very easy to use, Covert Candy is a clothes swap website. You upload pictures and details of your unwanted garments, estimate their value and wait for someone to express interest. Once the transaction is completed, you can spend the credits earned on other items on the website.
The buzz: Hailed by as “a fashionable Ebay alternative”.
We like: The fashionably economical possibility to find a vintage gem.
What’s Mine is Yours
The Website: A girly-looking clothes-swapping website, Whatsmineisyours allows users to exchange garments and daily life items. You upload pictures and details of what you want to exchange and browse other’s offers to find out what you’d like to swap it with.
Tried and tested: Easy to use, with well-defined categories, the website can easily become addictive. Tip: Don’t hesitate to offer more than one item if you want to swap against a rather pricey one. Try to always upload accessories or objects: your swaps will not be limited by size issues.
Oxfam DIY
The website: Emphasising fashion rather than charity, the Oxfam DIY project is full of remade ideas doable with a basic DIY kit and second-hand clothes. It upped its fashion credentials thanks to the endorsement of celebrity stylist and designer Mrs Jones. Second-hand clothes can be bought directly from the online Oxfam store
We like: How the project is reinventing the image we had of Oxfam and Charity shops in general.
DIY suggestions: Turn your jeans into a skirt, make hammer pants, customise shoes, make a scarf halter top.
Centre for Sustainable Fashion
Who: Part of the London College of Fashion, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion is an Internet and London hotspot for green fashion.
The website: From details on business to applications for the “Fashioning the Future”, it is your one-stop-site for everything green fashion. You can also download the Centre’s “reports into sustainability awareness, engagement and innovation across the fashion industry”. A goldmine of research and information if you are interested into the issues behind fashion.
We like: The Green Collar Graduates for the Fashion Industry Guide.

oxfamThe world wide web can be somewhat of a maze at the best of times, so here is our pick of the Top 10 ethical fashion websites. Lucie Goulet picks out the very best online stores, communities and tips to fulfil your every eco fashion dream.

Click for our Top 10 sites.

George at Asda and The Body Shop receive RSPCA Good Business Awards

October 14, 2009 by Maria Kaski · 1 Comment 

asdaThe RSPCA Good Business Awards, held on 7th October, presented The Body Shop with the Lifetime Achievement award and praised the efforts of George at Asda in raising standards of animal welfare. Jennifer Ebert writes.

The RSPCA Good Business Awards were set up in recognition of the achievements of companies in the cosmetics, fashion and food industries to attain higher standards of animal welfare by implementing sustainable policies and practices.
The Awards are open to all companies in the UK in the Cosmetics, Fashion and Food industries that show innovation and excellence in advancing animal welfare. For companies large and small the Awards acknowledge and promote those that go the extra mile to include animal welfare as part of their ethical business policy.
The Fashion industry has seen a growth in the number of high street names entering the Awards. The winner of the large company award was George at Asda which has made tremendous steps in a relatively short time to address the most important areas across it’s business to raise standards of animal welfare.
Paul Wright, technical director of George at Asda, said, ‘This is a fantastic award win for both the team and our suppliers who have achieved a great amount in a relatively short space of time.  This is a real journey for us and we’re very committed to raising animal welfare issues and checking the traceability of our products by working collaboratively with our suppliers.’
This year was the last time the Cosmetics category will feature in the awards after it became illegal to sell or import any cosmetic ingredients or products tested on animals into the EU. In recognition of this important milestone, The Body Shop was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for making the greatest contribution to achieving this ban.
Jan Buckingham, director of global values at The Body Shop, said, ‘What a great way to celebrate Anita’s legacy and twenty years of hard work and dedication to animal welfare.’

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Cadbury goes Fairtrade

October 14, 2009 by Maria Kaski · Leave a Comment 

Cadbury goes Fairtrade
This autumn, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, one of the UK’s most popular chocolate bars, has made a pivotal move into the Fairtrade industry. Amiee Jones writes.
Cadbury has developed a scheme called ‘The Cadbury Cocoa Partnership’, which will involve the investment of a hefty £45 million into helping cocoa farming communities worldwide, over the next decade. Part of the Fairtrade agreement is that Cadbury will pay a minimum price for the cocoa they purchase, even if the market price drops below that figure. This ensures that farmer’s earn a consistently acceptable wage for them and their families.
Far from doing it on the quiet, Cadbury has put into practice a huge campaign to make everyone aware that their chocolate is now not only delicious, but green. The new adverts are illustrated by a local Ghanian artist, who gave the cocoa beans arms and legs to dance and celebrate the move into Fairtrade.
Chocolate is many a woman’s favourite indulgence, but at least now the only thing inducing any kind of guilt are those pesky calories.

cadbury-launches-fairtrade-dairy-milk-4551541This autumn, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, one of the UK’s most popular chocolate bars, has made a pivotal move into the Fairtrade industry. Amiee Jones writes.

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