DIY recipe lowdown with Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It!

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Jergens-Skin-And-Bare-It-Episode-5With the end of the Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It mini-series on’s Greenonthescreen, we want to remind you of the show’s wonderful homemade beauty recipes.

The mini-series offered interesting facts and insights as it investigated the state of the British public’s skin. Channel 4 presenter Anna Richardson (of Supersize Vs Superskinny and My Big Fat Diet Show fame) did a great job along with her skin experts in showing the best – and the worst – skin routines a girl can have.

All five programmes are available on YouTube here.

To re-cap on the recommended DIY recipes.

For an avocado moisturiser click here

For a skin cleansing treatment with green tea click here

For berry beauty click here

For a chocalicious treatment click here

Remember, you are what you put on your skin, so the more quality the ingredients, the more luxuriant the body pack shall be. Here at we recommend organic where possible.

These recipes were especially made by America’s best-selling bodycare range Jergens® Naturals® Skincare, loved by customers across the globe for over a century. Try its range of highly effective natural moisturisers, formulated from the finest plant-derived extracts, delivering effective body moisturisers for women of all ages, and for a variety of skin types. They’re 95% natural, highly effective and paraben free for beautiful skin.

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Marylebone wellness boutique Being Content has become a new hotspot for natural beauty addicts offering a wonderful collection of the best organic and natural beauty products in the market and unique pampering treatments. All that in a cosy shop tucked away from the craziness of the high street. Eleni Sardi was there to check out the latest additions and learn the best makeup tips for a fresh summer look.
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DIY avocado moisturiser with Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It!

June 14, 2010 by Jen Marsden · Leave a Comment 

The penultimate – Episode 5 – of Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It’s mini-series is going live on greenonthescreen this week and we’ve got an avocado moisturising body mask recipe for your skin! Read more

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May 17, 2010 by George Walker · Leave a Comment 

Graeme Hume- PraveraPravera has grown to be one of the most successful natural cosmetics companies. Director of Pravera, Graeme Hume, has helped to ensure that the range of natural skincare brands under the Pravera umbrella continue to produce industry-leading natural skincare. George Walker talks to the man behind the brand about growing up on organic food, the need for industry standards and his top skincare tips!

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DIY chocolate beauty with Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It!

May 10, 2010 by Jen Marsden · 1 Comment 

As part of our celebration of Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It’s Episode 2 going live on greenonthescreen this week, we’ve got a wonderfully chocolatey DIY recipe for your skin! Read more

Skin and Bare It! Jergens® Naturals® bodycare launches online show

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untitledWe’ve got a wonderful skin-tingling feeling here at as we get ready to watch the forthcoming “webisodes” of Jergens® Naturals® Skin & Bare It.

We’ve already seen a sneak preview – and you can too now with the current first episode on greenonthescreen – we can’t wait to see more. Read more

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brianfox300In addition to the excitement, pregnancy can bring all sorts of beauty dilemmas that may not have cropped up before – not just for yourself but also for your newborn. Changing skin complexions, stretch marks, nappy rash, you name it! Jen Marsden provides some top natural tips to combat them.

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soapartisan300Soap. Whatever your brand choice, it’s an everyday product and has thought to have been part of history from as far back as Ancient Babylon, around 2500 BC. Jen Marsden writes.
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babyhandWhether you’re striking a hot yummy mummy or radiant Mother earth figure, natural beauty and skincare are oh, so key. Monica Perdoni writes.

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