Daily eBay special guest – Tatty Devine designer Rosie Wolfenden

December 10, 2008 by greenmystyle 

Joy upon joys, people. Today’s guest editor is Rosie Wolfenden, designer of much coveted jewellery range Tatty Devine. Rosie has unearthed a a trinkety treasure amongst treasures.

Rosie Wolfenden picking stylish secondhand jewellery from eBay, so you don’t have to, is somewhat akin to Gordon Ramsay popping round to yours to cook supper, so you don’t have to. Or Stella McCartney knocking up your kid’s nativity play costume, so you don’t have to. Or greenmystyle.com choosing all your ethical Christmas presents, so you don’t have to. Ah, come to think of it we’ve done that as well. Boy, we’re good.

Joining Tatty Devine’s instantly recognisable fun, inventive and grown-up girly range for Autumn / Winter 08 are two pieces made from re-used oak, the Big Pencil Sharpening brooch and necklace. To celebrate, Rosie’s dropped in to greenmystyle for a little mutual eBay joy. She’s chosen these cutest of cute brooches. Ah, 2009 will be so the year of the brooch, mark our words.

Rosie writes: “One of my favourite pastimes is rummaging around in containers of old jewellery in junk shops, charity shops, car boot fairs etc, and sometimes eBay can be like that too!

“I love these little enamel brooches. They look like they have been really loved over the years which in itself gives the pieces a special quality. Wearing one of these little fellows will be like having a little friend with you all the time.”

We so get it, Rosie. We’ve loving these little chaps.

Current bid price is £4.99 and bidding ends today at 11pm, so act fast my friends.

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