Don’t let British Gas price hikes ruin your home style

July 31, 2008 by greenmystyle 

OWL Wireless Energy Monitor

OWL Wireless Energy Monitor

Are you one of the millions of British Gas customers waking up depressed  this morning? Are you wondering how you’re going to manage when your gas bills go up 35% and electricity bills up 9% as reported yesterday.

One positive step to take is to get an energy monitor for your home. Greenmystyle likes this OWL Wireless Energy Monitor by 2Save Energy. The OWL monitor will tell you how much electricity you’re using as well as how much harmful CO2 your electricity usage is contributing to the environment – take it from me, you’ll probably never switch those GHD hair straighteners on again! The absence of wires and fuss keeps it neat, tidy and relatively stylish.

It’s currently discounted at, priced £34.95 down from £49.95. Check out the reviews too – apparently, it’s really easy to set up, always a bonus.

Find out more about OWL here
British Gas raises energy bills, BBC News


One Response to “Don’t let British Gas price hikes ruin your home style”

  1. Mike on July 31st, 2008 4:47 PM

    This reminds me of two other wireless energy monitors that cost a bit more, but are much harder to ignore. I came across them at design shows – the idea being that they actually blend in or even enhance your surroundings. You can place these devices on the coffee table or even take it from room to room. They both use subtle lighting to warn you of an energy-hungry appliance. One looks like a glowing pebble (can’t remember the name) and the other one looks like it came out of the space-station in Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey! It’s called ‘Wattson’ and is designed by DIYkyoto (ex RCA students) so you know it’s good quality! At just under a £100 quid it’s not cheap but bear in mind it used to cost 10 times as much as the owl when it first came out. …and it’s a great both conversation piece. If you want to be a real eco-geek, you can plug in into your computer and it’ll show you just how much energy (money) you’re saving now that you’ve sacrificed perfectly straight hair.

    Just Google ‘wattson’ oh and for any skeptics out there – no I don’t earn a comission from them.

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