I love you, but we need time apart

January 26, 2011 by Sarah Woodhead 

Doucette DuvallBreaking up is so very hard to do, especially when it’s me, you and the love of my recent life, Greenmystyle.com. We’ve been very quiet of late, and although it breaks my heart to say it, I think the time has come to say goodbye. For now.

Those of you out there, toiling away at the coalface of ethical style, designing, producing, selling it and buying it, we salute you and support you. If we can see a way back to you, we’ll be there. And if you disagree wildly with our decision to take a break, do let me know either in the comments section here or via email at sarah@greenmystyle.com. That includes any generous benefactors who would care to dig into their pockets to keep us going. 

Thanks go to Greenmystyle.com’s contributors, especially Jen Marsden, Clare Saxon, Maria Kaski and Yanar Alkayat, who believed in the cause and donated extraordinary amounts of time and hard work to produce great content, right from the start of this project. I can’t praise them highly enough.

In the meantime, Delightful Media, publisher of Greenmystyle.com, has joined forces with another media agency, led by Katie Lee, to form one new agency, Jones & Jones Media. We will be focusing on QueensOfVintage.com, and its incredible vintage social network, and Katie’s site DorkAdore, a magazine site for geek chic.    

I’d prefer to imagine that we, Greenmystyle.com and you are simply having some time apart. I’d love to think that when the time is right, we’ll reignite the spark between us, and continue our mission to help women with a heart to shop wisely and stylishly.

My final note is to say thank you to you, our readers. It’s your desire for ethical style that kept us going, and provides the incentive for stores, designers and beauty companies to keep investing in it. Thank you.

[Image: Doucette Duvall. Two years on and still my favourite.]


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