Tried & Tested: Ecoballs

December 5, 2008 by greenmystyle editor Sarah Woodhead tests Ecoballs. Can placing three UFOs in your machine with your wash really get those towels and smalls sweetly clean?

Sarah writes:

I dated a man yonks back who would put these crazy UFO-shaped objects in his washing machine, along with his man shirts, grundypants and socks. Oh, and the odd DIY scruffs too, impacted with man sweat (he was undoubtedly great at DIY). No washing liquid, just UFOs. I thought he was nuts. The thing was, he was always superbly clean and never smelled of anything other than his sheer love for me (I can dream).

It turns out he was using Ecozone Ecoballs, and he wasn’t so mad after all. Credit to him, this was when it was a novelty to have organic veggies delivered, plastic bags weren’t evil and folk were still complaining about nuisance recycling bins.

Too long later, I’ve decided to give said Ecoballs a whirl, courtesy of the lovely folk at Could it be true that they really work?

Here’s the science bit:
They work by increasing the alkaline content of the water in the same way that washing powders and detergents do.  Because they don’t need temperature to activate any enzymes and because there is no powder build-up to wash away you can both wash at lower temperatures and reduce your rinse cycle, which saves both water, energy and cash.

They’re hypo-allergenic, residue-free and anti-bacterial. And based on a 30-minute wash Ecoballs have been tested to last up to 750 washes, and you can gain an extra 250 washes by topping up with the refills provided. It works out at about 35 pence per wash.

Did they work for me?
Well, yes, of course. I’ve done a few loads of washing now, all fairly standard stuff, and it’s all come out clean. I’ve had no complaints from nearest and dearest anyway. I love the fact that I’m not loading up with powders and liquids and the like. It all feels so much simpler, oddly.

The only thing you have to get used to is that your washing won’t smell like freshly washed linen, even when it is freshly washed linen! Funny what we’ve all become used to, isn’t it? Your Ecoballed washing will be totally fragrance-free. You can probably get over that when you realise how much money you’ll be saving on liquids and the like, and just how much better it is for your home, your skin and the environment.

Ecozone, the manufacturers, are so confident that you will be satisfied that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee from date of receipt. The Independent also voted Ecoballs one of the 10 best green household products. What’s to lose? I say give them a whirl.

Buy Ecozone Ecoballs from, £34.95 for a pack of three (required for a wash)


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  1. Darika on December 8th, 2008 7:50 PM

    Oo, thanks for this. I’ve been meaning to try these for ages as I actually hate the smell of washing powder.

    I think these are a crucial product as the amount of detergent making it into our waterways is scary…

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